One great Feature: Security

security |səˈkyo͝orədēnoun (plural securitiesthe state of being free from danger or threat: the system is designed to provide maximum security

It’s so instinctual, that many people don’t give it a second thought, but in every action we take, and tool we use, we need to understand and beware of it’s risks.

The abstracted nature of modern computers, and complexity of them can be hard for our senses to judge, two phones, look identical, one taking all the data it can gather about you, and one, which takes no data from you, look identical to human eyes.

Cognitively, too, it can be hard to judge modern technologies. An NPR discussion on Minnesota Public Radio recently discussed the current crop of digital personal assistants, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Now, frequently inaccurately describing privacy and security features of the various assistants, without understanding that a key ability of an assistant is discretion, to hide the fact that a partner just ordered flowers and diamonds for her partner is an example of a secret that an assistant shouldn’t make easily accessible to others.

That Alexa and Google Home make no allowances for multiple user interactions, and treat anyone talking to them as the “account holder” is a security concern that I believe many should pay attention too.

In my opinion, This and deeper levels of security should be considerations of any technology you choose to use, because without sufficient Security, a tool can do a lot more harm than good.





One great feature: Flexibility

One of my preferred features in Tools that I choose, is flexibility.

Yes, what this tool does for me is cool, but Can I perform this operation on any device? if I’m without one of my devices? In a cloud app? Even offline? Without Power? Does this interface with other tools I may use? What do I do when this tool is obsolete? Can I migrate to the next tool easily?

So, when looking for a tool to help you be more powerful, I’d recommend you consider the flexibility of the solutions you find.