Caching for All!

A really great feature added to MacOS server a couple of versions ago, was the ability to become a cache for iCloud content, staff and family backups of phones, iTunesU content and more.

Enabling a Mac with OS server powers, and caching, meant your business, organization of family could get faster backups, app downloads, iCloud restores and much more, quicker and without consuming bandwidth, which has become to be more closely metered by several internet providers.

Good news came with High Sierra, because ANY mac, not just Mac’s running MacOS server, can now cache content. That means if you’ve two iMacs in your house, or Fifty MacBooks in your office, they can all turn on caching, and make iCloud backups, restores, app installs and more mac faster. (For those of you concerned about privacy and security, as I am, rest assured, because this is an Apple designed service, all data stored on those cache’s is unreadable to users, administrators and owners of those computers).


MacOS High Sierra Content Caching
MacOS High Sierra Content Caching

If I owned a Cafe, I’d immediately Enable a caching server on my network, my customers would see iCloud running especially quickly when in that cafe, and would start to favor that location to work, rather than on Starbucks sluggish (by comparison) network.


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