What’s new and great in Technology this week?

A week after Apple’s Education focused event, I’m pleased to share the great news in technology this week.

After 18 months as a tool exclusively for iPad Pro, Apple this week made an iPad that starts at $329 ($299 for Schools) that will work with the Pencil.

If you’ve never tried the pencil, I’d urge you to go try it, there’s no stylus, at any price point I’ve seen, on any device that has the reaction time, features, or ease of use that the Apple Pencil has.

It’s sheer brilliance, and is the closest digital writing or drawing tool to writing on paper yet made. To make this available to people whose budgets for iPads are under $300 is fantastic.

That the iPad also comes with an advanced Apple designed chip, can run incredible apps like Swift playgrounds, business tools like Outlook, Word, Excel and more makes this iPad a phenomenal starting point.

If you’d like to know the advantages an iPad Pro offers over the new iPad, please do get in touch.