Factoring security

2 Factor security is our best current method of securing our important accounts, having a password is not enough for sensitive items, like bank accounts, personal notes, and other private data.

There are many options to choose from when selecting your two factor authentication app, Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsft Authenticator, LastPass and others.

Our recommended service is Authy.

Authy Logo

From the fact that it’s made by a company with a reputation for security, reliability and privacy, Twilio. To the fact that it’s beautifully designed, can (optionally) operate on multiple devices, and keep (encrypted) backups of your two factor accounts in their secure cloud.

Authy wins, in most cases.

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48 hours to do your iPhone and iPad backups.

Followers, thank you for being here, here’s some information that will save you time, and make you more productive, and, therefore, freer. (in that free time, grab a copy of “Rest, Why you get more done when you Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang“)

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This Friday will see the release of iOS 13 from Apple.

You will want this on your iPad and iPhone, for the following features:

  • Simple automated sharing of your ETA when driving.
  • Simpler notification management.
  • Dark mode (looks so cool, saves battery, and is great in the evening)
  • Send unknown callers directly to voicemail.
  • Automatically share your name, phone number and contact photo in messages, (fewer mysteries in those iMessage group chats)
  • Beautiful ”Street View” style maps. (A demonstration of how Apple is not first, but rather, best at something)
  • Redesigned Remiders app that can have sub-groups (for projects), allows tagging reminders with people (Remind Kevin to do his homework), integrates with Messages (when texting with Kevin, suggests this reminder), and much more.
  • Vastly improved Photos app, that hides similar photos, and mundane things like pictures of receipts, yet highlights your amazing photos, reducing the scrolling often required to find the great photo.

To do this update safely, you’ll need to make sure your iPhone and iPad are backed up, so go into the iCloud settings of your device, and check that your iCloud backup has completed a successful backup recently.

Do this today, so that you can update to iOS 13 early on Friday.

For the full list of iOS 13 features, Click here to head over to the official Apple Website.

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iOS 13 beauty shot